(7) A Moment With the Ospreys


This week I have been keeping a high awareness on how I am feeling at any given moment. I have been silently reminding myself to find joy in every situation. Today I was in the computer lab with my students, and 6th period was pretty rough. I just kept reminding myself that my profession is my joy, working with students I dearly love is wonderful, and I need to make sure I am acknowledging what they need–which isn’t a lot different than what I need. Everyone wants a day of joy and learning and belonging. With that in mind, I did notice that the room fell into a beautiful hum after what had seemed like loud chaos.

The beauty of human nature, as it rises and falls!

Driving home, I noticed some Ospreys were getting their platform nest ready in a nearby shopping center.  (The picture above is not mine but could be if I had been a lot closer.)  I had a few moments while waiting at the  light to just watch them go about their work.  The beauty and rhythm of the natural world never gets old to me.  As I pulled into my development, the sunlight shone through a fountain producing a shimmering rainbow.  Something inside me felt complete after that.

My day has been all about the rise and fall, chaos and quiet, work and joy.  I remained open throughout.  It won’t happen every day, but it is good to notice it happened today.  It was the moment with the Ospreys that helped me see that, as Henri Nouwen said, “Joy does not simply happen. We have to choose joy and keeping choosing it every day.”


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